At times when situations, concerning difficulties managing addictions,  go out of control, you should ask for help.

I can help you….

My name is Gagandeep Khurme

I am a Certified Canadian Addiction Counsellor, with over a decade of experience as an addiction specialist, my priority is to bring happiness in the lives of individuals, couples and families who are struggling with addictions or substance use/abuse of themselves or their loved ones.

My experience and approaches together result in providing extensive benefits to my clients and their loved ones, by being flexible to accommodate their dynamic life changes and maintain trust and confidentiality.

In my sessions, I create a therapeutic atmosphere that promotes growth and positive change to help my clients manage their issues related to their addiction and help identify and explore solutions to issues associated with their addiction. This is done through individual therapy sessions focused on, harm reduction, relapse prevention, and providing them with sufficient skills and tools to maintain their sobriety, be happy and healthy.

To accommodate the diverse needs of my clients, my treatment plans are customized that take into consideration the specific needs, preferences, and circumstances of my clients to ensure that my clients have sufficient skills and tools to maintain their sobriety and avoid relapse.

At The Thoughts, we also have help available for friends and family members of an addict, because I understand that they too experience tremendous pressure, issues, and challenges when taking care of their loved one.

In addition to self-referral, I also provide specially designed programs for those who have been charged with drinking & driving, domestic abuse/violence, under the influence of drugs/alcohol/anger or any charges where the act was influenced by drugs, alcohol or anger and are mandated by the legal system, ordered by the court or by a probation officer. A letter of completion is provided upon request for court purposes.

You may visit the programs page for more information

Do call me to explore the possibilities to help yourself or your loved one. I would be happy to answer questions you may have.