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Making Memories With Our Kids

Yesterday, while on my morning walk, I found myself smiling and feeling so full of joy as I looked out at the sun rising in one corner and my family walking and chatting down the path embroidered by beautiful trees. This brought me back to one of my favorite childhood memories, the Diwali season. Days…

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Finding Happiness in the Present

A few weeks ago, I was on Facebook, and my whole feed was filled with my relatives and friends, along with celebrities going to the Maldives, to weddings, to parties, to Quebec and Alberta (I am in Ontario), and eating at cute restaurants. Their scenic and fun-filled photos made me quite sad, realizing that I…

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Appreciation is a Gift to Give

Sharing your appreciation is so much bigger than just “being nice”. When someone feels cared for and appreciated, they feel like their efforts were worth it, they feel like they are valued for who they are, and they feel like their life is worth living. And that is the power of appreciation. When we look…

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Ways to Take Better Care of Yourself

Practicing self-care is not always easy, and I understand. Most of us have busy, demanding, and stressful jobs. We have numerous responsibilities at home that leave us exhausted at the end of the day to even think of ourselves. Or we put others before ourselves. All this usually leaves me-time last and unchecked on our…

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Do You Love Yourself?

When you love yourself, you are more likely to be happy and enjoy life. Because you feel happy in yourself, you are not always striving to do more. You become satisfied with your work, your beliefs, and your capabilities. When you do want to learn something new or improve a skill it’s not for anyone else it’s for…

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Forgive and Forget – A Path to Healing the Hurt

The Healing Power of Forgiveness Forgiving is not the same as pardoning the offense or condemning their actions! This misconception is why many people find forgiveness to seem wrong and impossible. Though forgiveness is rather an internal motivation to make peace with yourself and move on. It’s not something you must do for others –…

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4 Steps to Strong Communication

Steps to Strong Communication for A Strong Relationship   Tone speaks more than words! Imagine getting your favorite flavored cake, but the icing was just disturbingly unappealing, you wouldn’t even want to cut into the cake and try it? Right? So even though we should all live by that quote “never judge a book by…

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9 Practical Steps To Think Positively

You want to be positive; I want you to be positive, the world NEEDS you to be positive! It is not as simple as just “Try to look for the goods in each situation”, BUT it IS possible. With conscious efforts on your thoughts, words, and actions you CAN change your mindset. Here are 9…

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What Is Positivity?

To begin, I would like to clear out some common myths about positivity so that you are able to truly foster a positive attitude that actually helps you surpass the many challenges that roll up in your life and can help you lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. First, positivity is not about always smiling…

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