When you love yourself, you are more likely to be happy and enjoy life. Because you feel happy in yourself, you are not always striving to do more. You become satisfied with your work, your beliefs, and your capabilities. When you do want to learn something new or improve a skill it’s not for anyone else it’s for your contentment. It means accepting your emotions for what they are and putting your physical, emotional, and mental well-being first. Making you more likely to choose things that nurture your well-being and serve you well.

…one way to love yourself is through SELF-CARE

What is self-care?

The name says it all, caring for yourself. This care can be categorized into 4 dimensions, physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

Try to look within and reflect as you read the following.

Physical Care: Encompasses 3 main aspects: food, sleep, and physical activity. For 16 hours of the day, we are awake, so to have the energy for those 16 hours, it’s pertinent we provide ourselves with meals, rest, and activity that boosts our energy, mood, and wellness.

Am I dividing my food properly? Am I nurturing myself with meals that promote good health? Am I eating a filling breakfast that gives me the proper boost of nutrients and energy to begin my day? Am I getting 7-8 hours of sleep? Am I exercising for at least 30 minutes? Have I found an activity (yoga, long walks, dance, treadmill, workouts, swimming…) that I enjoy and benefit from?


Mental Care:

Am I having more negative thoughts? Am I more agitable? Am I unable to concentrate? Am I getting frustrated? Am I getting anxious? Am I unable to manage the duties of my day?


Emotional Care: This is related slightly to mental care but focuses more on emotions.

Are you able to feel your emotions? Are you able to manage your emotions?


Spiritual Care:

Are you able to connect with your inner voice? Are you able to find meaning and purpose in your life? Are you able to feel a sense of belonging? Are you able to feel hope, peace, and gratitude?


We have so many responsibilities each day, waking up the kids, getting ready for work, getting the meals prepared, going to work, dropping the kids at school, monitoring their studies, cleaning the house, and spending time with family. But in how many of these tasks are helping with my care, once again going back to the 4 dimensions. In all the duties and tasks of the day, how am I taking care of my physical health? Of my emotional health? Of my mental health? And lastly of my spiritual health?

If you said no to a lot of the reflection questions above, do not freight.
Learn some ways from a professional to take better care of yourself. If you have any questions or feel you need more personalized care, do not hesitate to contact us.
Your care is important, and we are here to help you!