There are very few people in this world that enjoy being bored. It’s quite understandable because being bored is just not “fun”. But boredom actually has a dark side aside from our brain just fearing atrophy! Did you know that boredom can lead to a plethora of mental health issues such as anxiety & depression? Because when one is bored, we automatically enter the negative cycle:

Why isn’t anyone talking to me? I am alone. I cannot do anything. There is no purpose in my life. I have no friends. I am empty.

Keeping all the negatives in mind, boredom could possibly have its positive effects, the way fear saves us from danger and failure may propel success, are there any positive to being bored? One could say that boredom gives rise to the most useful traits we own, curiosity, and creativity. However, a question to ponder upon is: Are we bored while thinking imaginatively? Or is the boredom only the propeller?

So, now we must conclude that boredom should only drive us towards creativity, it should not be something we sit in because of its negative effects.

Here are 121 ways to boost your creativity, ignite your curiosity, keep you engaged and away from the negative cycle.
  1. Make a puzzle
  2. Sit in silence
  3. Do breathing exercises
  4. Meditate
  5. Sing a song
  6. Dance
  7. Do fun crafts
  8. Talk to your family, and friends.
  9. Play board games (Ludo, snakes and ladders, chess…)
  10. Read
  11. Jump rope
  12. Random thinking
  13. Cook something new
  14. Connect with old friends
  15. Sleep
  16. Clean your house
  17. Throw away unwanted stuff
  18. Laugh without a reason
  19. Go for a walk in your house
  20. Go for a walk outside (alone)
  21. Learn a new language
  22. Tell each other jokes
  23. Follow a painting tutorial
  24. Teach your kids/family something new
  25. Knit
  26. Collect precious things (rocks, jewels, pens)
  27. Look through old memories
  28. Play dots and boxes
  29. Indulge in better habits
  30. Play with your kids
  31. Listen to music
  32. Learn yoga
  33. Make a poem
  34. Write a song
  35. Learn how to crochet and cross stitch
  36. Invent a new game
  37. Watch a movie
  38. Watch kids’ cartoons
  39. Take a pause and reflect
  40. Do gardening
  41. Exercise
  42. Share memories with loved ones
  43. Share your hardships with your kids
  44. Look at old pictures
  45. Try to resolve conflict in relationships
  46. Do a Rubik’s cube
  47. Make a family tree
  48. Make a friendship band
  49. Pray
  50. Read your Holy book with meaning
  51. Draw/ doodle
  52. Paint
  53. Do a word search/crossword
  54. Teach kids your childhood games
  55. Color in a coloring book
  56. Sketch
  57. Do a DIY
  58. Play an instrument
  59. Prank your family
  60. Update your resume
  61. Clean your laptop
  62. Write a journal entry
  63. Watch a TED Talk
  64. Wash your windows
  65. Make a handmade card
  66. Look at the stars
  67. Sit in your backyard
  68. Look out of your window
  69. Write a gratitude list
  70. Play hangman
  71. Make a fort
  72. Give yourself a manicure
  73. Work on your finances
  74. Bake a cake, or anything else
  75. Write a story
  76. Create healthy snacks
  77. Write a letter
  78. Do your laundry
  79. Have an indoor picnic
  80. Take a bubble bath
  81. Challenge yourself
  82. Catch up on tv shows
  83. Make origami
  84. Learn a magic trick
  85. Do a yoga challenge
  86. Daydream
  87. Have a healthy debate
  88. Have a cooking competition
  89. Play indoor basketball
  90. Start a vegetable garden
  91. Upcycle some old furniture
  92. Make bracelets
  93. Organize your Kitchen, closet, desk space, literally everything
  94. Build Lego
  95. Try cooking without a recipe
  96. Take a power nap
  97. Build a card tower
  98. Re-decorate your bedroom, kitchen, Livingroom…
  99. Learn calligraphy
  100. Go for a run
  101. Make some music
  102. Start a bullet journal
  103. Have a body detox day
  104. Catch up on school/work
  105. Find a new hobby
  106. Have a paper plane race
  107. Enroll in an online course
  108. Interview your family
  109. Have a fashion show
  110. Watch a long documentary
  111. Learn about your ancestry
  112. Listen to a cool podcast
  113. Have a talent show
  114. Explore the world with Google maps
  115. Have a deep conversation
  116. Master a skill/talent
  117. Self pamper time!
  118. Start a blog
  119. Write your autobiography
  120. Assign yourself a research project
  121. Have a family karaoke night
I hope you found these activities of interest!
Download any of these lists and place on your fridge, on your wall, or desk for a list of fun, engaging, and beneficial activities to end boredom! 


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