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Making Memories With Our Kids

Yesterday, while on my morning walk, I found myself smiling and feeling so full of joy as I looked out at the sun rising in one corner and my family walking and chatting down the path embroidered by beautiful trees. This brought me back to one of my favorite childhood memories, the Diwali season. Days…

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Appreciation is a Gift to Give

Sharing your appreciation is so much bigger than just “being nice”. When someone feels cared for and appreciated, they feel like their efforts were worth it, they feel like they are valued for who they are, and they feel like their life is worth living. And that is the power of appreciation. When we look…

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Forgive and Forget – A Path to Healing the Hurt

The Healing Power of Forgiveness Forgiving is not the same as pardoning the offense or condemning their actions! This misconception is why many people find forgiveness to seem wrong and impossible. Though forgiveness is rather an internal motivation to make peace with yourself and move on. It’s not something you must do for others –…

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Yelling and Beating Children, Psychologically Damages Them

Is it Okay to Scare Your Kids? On Halloween with a paper ghost? SURE! Through beating, yelling and name-calling? NO! It is quite obvious that no the parent actually wants to hit or yell at their child, but when they are swarmed into a cloud of frustration, parents just feel the immense need to resort…

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Positive & Motivational Good Morning Posts

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A.R.T for Anxiety

Even as a therapist, I get anxious at times, why is that? Because it is natural! Now you may be wondering why? Why is it natural to be feeling anxious? Why am I getting bombarded by negative thoughts when I am anxious? Why don’t I get these negative thoughts at a state of relaxation? Well because these…

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121 ways to END BOREDOM

There are very few people in this world that enjoy being bored. It’s quite understandable because being bored is just not “fun”. But boredom actually has a dark side aside from our brain just fearing atrophy! Did you know that boredom can lead to a plethora of mental health issues such as anxiety & depression?…

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